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Auntie Dolores Edibles

"Let thy Medicine by thy Food, and let thy food be Thy Medicine" 

This is one of Hippocrates most memorable quotes, but it's also the mantra behind the Auntie Dolores product line. 

Offering premium products such as Chili Lime Peanuts and Savory Pretzels, Auntie Dolores edibles are a gourmet and healthful experience great for a new or experienced cannabis user. Many of the edibles cater to special dietary needs, such as low-glycemic, paleo, and vegan. All edibles are sweetened with coconut sugar. 

In 2008, Auntie Dolores began creating infused gourmet foods in San Francisco ~ the birthplace of the medical cannabis movement. The name, conceived in Dolores Park, has significance beyond the person and the place. In Latin, Dolore means Pain, and as it would be Auntie Dolores is the remedy: Anti-Pain. We seek to improve the quality of life for health conscious cannabis consumers by providing broad access to safe alternatives and to educate the public about the therapeutic value of cannabis.