Shout outs & Press

We're so excited about the growing movement to end prohibition and increase research and education on this plant. Cannabis is about to evolve in a way it never has. We're excited to play a part in this cultural and civil rights movement, starting in the heart of the Bay Area, the original birthplace of the cannabis movement. 

Shout out to the following media artists - writers, photographers, and videographers - who have spent time documenting not only our project, but the industry as a whole. Check out their work below!


SF Chronicle // Women's Marijuana Event 'A Tupperware Party for Cannabis

Written by Joe Garfoli

Joe Garfoli and his team were the first to cover one of our parties! They came to our second Synchronicity party, held in San Francisco to document the event. 

Our Cannabis Providers were Treatwell and DocGreens, both local bay area brands who distribute their product in dispensaries. 

Other great cannabis articles from the SF Gate can be found on their blog, Smell the Truth


Vice : I went to a Marijuana Tupperware Party

Written by Brent Cane

Julianna Carella, the CEO and Founder of Auntie Dolores and Treatibles, hosted our party in Oakland. 


Bustle: A Weed Tupperware Party Might Be Just What Women Need to Break into the Pot Industry

Written by Alana Greco


Jezebel: Meanwhile, In California: Tupperware Cannabis Parties for Women

Written by Kelly Faircloth