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Less fateful than destiny, more mystical than coincidence.

That's exactly how our blooming community started, and we're excited to share our story and create ripple effect. The revolution for women and cannabis is happening here! In Spring 2015, the four of us met at a Women Grow Bay Area chapter meeting and realized they had the same passion and interest - to connect like-minded women and allow cannabis to foster a a deeper connection to their own health and wellness. We began hosting parties to create safe, intimate, and educational environments for women only. After an overwhelming response from our guests - we realized sampling, sharing, and learning about cannabis from each other, and directly from product providers, was incredibly empowering and a breath of fresh air! This is the women's health revolution where we are equipped and in-tune with ourselves and our environment.

Synchronicity offers education, product discovery, community, and curated cannabis experiences that work for your lifestyle.  We are expanding our community in a big way over the next few months to help women find cannabis products that work for them, in their own way and on their own time. Synchronicity was born in intimate private settings, and we aim to bring this to any woman in a more direct way. 



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